Security Key Rings: The Other Half to Key Safes

The Secure Key Rings from CIC Technology are the crucial other half to the CQRiT® key safe. The rings are made of a flexible steel braid and are used to attach the CQRiT® holder key to the keys the owner wishes to keep secure. This way, it's much easier to coordinate a group of keys by their purpose, place or however the owner wants to separate and manage his or her keys. Secure Key Rings come in a range of sizes,  4cm (1-10 keys), 5cm (10-15 keys) & 7cm (15-25 keys). Actual number of keys can vary based on the size of the keys being secured.


How Do They Work?

Each key ring has a permanent seal for protection against thieves. Secure key rings are easy to use. The rings come unsealed allowing you to attach your own keys, but once the key ring is closed the seal is very much permanent. This seal is so strong that the only way to remove keys after sealing is to cut the ring resulting in irreperable damage to the key ring itself. The result of any attempts to remove the ring is highly visible.


CIC Technology also offers a Secure Card Holder. The Card Holder clamps over cards like a company credit or an access card  and can then be attached to a Secure Key Ring.  Card Holders come in two different varities; a standard L shaped card holder and a U shaped Holder designed to be used with cards which function with a smart chip. 

If you would like more information on security key rings and card holders, please feel free to flick us an email or click on the button below to contact us.