Secure and manage items of any size

Control your valuable assets

Charge electronic devices

Prevent theft and loss


C.Q.R.iT® Locker System

The C.Q.R.iT Locker system provides you access control for portable items. It's an instant and integrated solution to secure and manage items of any size. 

Deposit Lockers

Allowing staff/contractors to leave items in a secure location and collect them when they leave (Note with a KeySecure HLI you can even prevent users from leaving the building without their items)

Asset Lockers

Ensuring that you can secure and control your high value assets in a set location and sound alarms if they are not returned on time. 

RFID Tracking

The pinnacle in asset control and management, our RFID system allows you to not only secure your items inside our locker system but also track exactly what is inside the box at any one time.

Deposit lockers

Deposit lockers

C.Q.R.iT Deposit Lockers are ideal for mobile phones, iPads, cameras and luggage. They can even be fitted with custom cabling to charge your different devices.

Assign users a temporary locker to store their expensive or sensitive items while they enter a secure area. The owner has confidence that their equipment is safe until they return - no one else can access to their locker.

Control how long people can leave items on site and even hook it into your access control system to ensure they don't leave the building without their item. 


Asset lockers

C.Q.R.iT Asset Lockers are for your onsite items giving you confidence that the item taken is the item that is returned. Only authorized users can open the lockers, and every transaction is logged and recorded.

The Security Manager can finally secure and control expensive electronic equipment and bulky items.

Lockers can be built in custom sizes so you can secure all types of items -  2-way radios, computers, phones, briefcases, cameras, scientific equipment, documents and any high-value asset that needs to be controlled. 

Asset lockers for storing valuable company items

Transaction report


The lockers automatically record every transaction with a time and date stamp against a particular user. 

Use our RFID system to ensure the item that is signed out from a locker is the same item that is returned.

Get up-to-date audit trails and track the usage of all your items without leaving your office.

Track a user, track groups, track particular items. Investigate certain timeframes or different locations.

Non-editable Crystal Reports rovide robust evidence of all locker usage.



1. Only authorized users can gain access to the cabinet. This is done by presenting their prox card to the reader mounted to the side of the lockers. The cabinet will recognize the user and provide access to their allocated locker/s.

2. The size of the lockers are customizable to house a range of assets and devices.

3. An RFID reader is installed into each compartment that will determine if the asset is "in" or "out".

4. Optional. Lockers can be fitted with cables to charge electronic devices.

5. A unique RFID tag, fitted to each asset, allows the cabinet to recognize if the asset is present within the locker.


diagram of RFID tracking in lockers

lockers available in custom sizes

Custom sizes

Our lockers can be custom built to any size meaning you can secure and control any of your existing items.

Some items that our clients like to control include:

  • firearms
  • cell phones
  • iPads and tablets
  • laptops
  • radios
  • projectors and other electrical equipment
  • briefcases
  • documents

Lockers can also be fitted with cables to keep your electrical devices charged.


Alarm states that are triggered at the cabinet include: tamper, locker door forced, mains power out, time expired (item out too long) and more...

Each of these states can be configured to send an automatic email or SMS giving you ultimate peace of mind even if you're offsite.

The cabinet has two in-built relays, which can be expanded to eight. Any alarm triggered at the box can be configured to send a signal to your existing alarm system.

lockers with alarm icon

Image showing lockers and three methods of authentication


The C.Q.R.iT® electronic lockers can be opened by prox card, by entering a PIN, or both. We even integrate with fingerprint readers and other biometric scanners.

Integrate seamlessly: use the same ID cards that your staff already carry 

Biometric security: use fingerprint scanners or facial recognition to protect against PIN sharing

Two identifiers: request two identifiers such as a prox card and a PIN for additional security

Software integration: migrate your users and their card data electronically without the need to manually enter data.

Network and communications

TCP/IP: The lockers communicate directly over your computer network. The IP address is programmed right on the box without the need for additional and confusing TCP/IP converters.

USB: Unreliable network? Remote locations? No problems! These lockers, in fact all of our cabinets, have a built-in USB port. Complete a full upload and download of your data using a thumb drive.  

image showing lockers, USB port and network cable

CQRiT® family includes lockers, key cabinets and high-security cabinets

Compatible with all CQRiT cabinets

Our deposit lockers and asset lockers run off the same KeySecure software as our key cabinets and our high-security cabinets. Whatever items or keys you need to control, we can help!

Imagine this: 

    • The manager turns up first and accesses a key to open up for everyone else. This is a public area, so you'd need a robust key cabinet that can't be broken into even with a crow bar (high security cabinet)
    • He then places his personal items into a deposit locker so he can change into his uniform (deposit locker)
    • Throughout the day he might need to access a radio from a withdrawal locker which has a full battery because it was charging overnight (withdrawal locker)
    • He might take the company car to visit a client off site (key cabinet)
    • At the end of the day, he can be sure that no one has accessed his personal items and can go home

    All of these actions can be performed in a way that is convenient for staff, but also adds an important layer of control, security and accountability.