Secure Key Rings

These rings are the ultimate high security, permanent key ring. They allow you to attach your own keys (or other items) to a CIC holder key. Each CIC holder key only fits into one unique position in a key cabinet.

Ultimate secure key rings that seal permanently

Different sizes of solid and flexible secure key rings

Manufactured with the strictest tolerances, these secure key rings provide you with the highest levels of strength and durability. This must-have accessory adds another dimension to the security of your keys by ensuring your key bunches can’t be compromised. Every key ring is uniquely serialised which further increases security by allowing you to record key ring alterations. Once sealed, the stainless steel, high-security ring cannot be opened or substituted without detection.

Available in 5 sizes

3cm ring: 1-5 keys

4cm ring: 5-10 keys

5cm ring: 10-15 keys

7cm ring: 15-25 keys

9cm ring: 25-50 keys


solid and flexible secure key rings

Solid or flexible

Key rings are available in a range of diameters (3cm, 4cm, 5cm, 7cm, 9cm) in both a solid version and a flexible (braided cable) version.

secure key rings each have a serial number

Unique serial number

Solid and flexible rings are laser engraved with unique serial numbers so keys cannot be substituted or removed without detection.

secure key rings require a specialised tool kit to seal permanently

Specialised tools

Specialised tools are used to close and crimp the join. When sealed, rings form a continuous loop without any weak or bulky plastic joins.


once sealed they form a continuous loop

Permanent seal

Once closed, the ring is permanently sealed and keys can only be removed by cutting and damaging the ring.

colour tabs.jpg

Coloured tags

These small coloured tags fit around the key rings and make it easy to visually identify different bunches of keys. Great for organisations with large numbers of keys and cabinets.


Key shield

This clever accessory hides the cut of your important keys and prevents them from being copied.