High Level Interface

Our high level interface allows for complete control of the C.Q.R.iT product range via third party software solutions. 


Current integrations include:


Gallagher Command Centre 

v7.01.157, v7.05 and v7.10

The integration with Gallagher Command Centre allows for complete control of C.Q.R.iT® cabinets via the Gallagher Command Centre software.

Users, including biodata, key and locker access are automatically imported from Gallagher Command Centre into KeySecure® and the C.Q.R.iT® cabinets.

All transaction logs including alarms, are automatically sent back to Gallagher.

This interface also employs the advanced Anti-Tailgating feature, preventing users from exiting the building or facility without first returning their keys or items to the C.Q.R.iT® key cabinet or lockers. This function can also be used to prevent people entering areas if they don't have the right equipment e.g. safety equipment on a mine site. 

Lenel OnGaurd

2010 (6.4.500)
2012 (6.5)
2013 (6.6)

The integration with Lenel provides an easy two way data exchange between KeySecure® and Lenel's OnGaurd. Nominated Cardholders and Badges from OnGaurd are automatically replicated in KeySecure®.

Transaction log events from KeySecure® are automatically transferred to OnGaurd.


Integriti Integrated Solutions

Inner Range's "Integriti System" features a flexible range of control solutions for all with impressive scalability and features.

Easily apply access to keys and items from Integriti. Monitor and control the movement of all personnel and vehicles, as well as keys and item access directly from the Integriti Technology Platform.

All transaction logs from KeySecure can be centrally managed through Integriti.



We know that in many cases it's hard to add one more piece of software to your ever growing list. As such, the C.Q.R.iT system provides a range of High Level Interfaces (HLI) that can be used to program all aspects of your asset management system. he key benefits of an HLI include:

Reduced Data Entry and Maintenance Requirements (Users/Cardholders and Groups need only be entered/updated in the Third Party System and then automatically transferred to KeySecure®)

Reduced requirement for staff training (new and existing staff need only be trained in Third Party System – no need for all staff to be training in KeySecure® software)

Improved data accuracy and consistency across systems (Since data replicated by software less chance for errors.  Changes including deletes are automatically replicated so less chance for security breaches due to failure to update all systems)

Centralised/Simplified Reporting (Customers can review CQRiT Cabinet Transaction Log data directly in the Third Party System alongside the Third Party Systems Transaction Log events.  This also gives a broader picture of activity across both systems).

Anti-Tailgating Feature provides improved Security and minimises Security Breaches in scenarios where it is necessary to restrict keys or items being taken out of the facility.