Hard on the outside

Clever on the inside

All the great features of our regular key cabinets, fortified!


CQRiT® eXtreme - for high security

Hard on the outside, clever on the inside!

These cabinets are the strongest on the market and are virtually impossible to break into, yet still contain all the great features of our CQRiT key cabinets.

All the alarms, authentication options, accountability, flexibility and ease of use... only stronger!


How it works

The eXtreme key cabinets give you all the great features of C.Q.R.iT®, only tougher!

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The cabinet will only unlock with correct authentication. Only the allowed assets can be removed, all the others are locked in place. The external cabinet is so strong, it's virtually intruder proof.

Decide exactly who can access which keys, when, and for how long. Perfect for high-risk or extremely important keys.

CIC holder keys are unique to their position in the cabinet. This means key #1 can only be removed and returned to position #1 first time, every time.

Decide how you want your staff to access the cabinet - PINs, prox cards, fingerprints, even facial recognition. Because the box is so tough, it can even be used outside or in public areas.

Say goodbye to inaccurate and time-consuming manual sign-out sheets. This system records detailed transaction logs automatically.

Receive alarms (computer, email or SMS) for a range of violations meaning you're always in control of your keys, even when you're offsite.



Solid construction

Locking mechanism has three points, two of which are vertically opposed greatly reducing the risk of unauthorised access. Manual override key provides access in an emergency.

Solid door is recessed 5mm behind the front face of the container the door providing a 12mm rebate at the top, bottom and opening side.

Tamper resistant - formed from 1.6mm steel sheet with a double return at the top and bottom edges reducing the risk of willful damage.

An internal cover plate extends the full height of the door, covering the locking mechanism to reduce tampering even by authorised personnel.

Unlike competitors, when the door is closed, it cannot be removed by removing hinge pins.

Cable ports have an internal baffle plate covering them to provide additional tamper resistance.

Encrypted data

Insist on encrypted communications between the cabinet and the computer/network.

These cabinets use 256-bit AES encryption for secure communications.

Be confident that your keys cannot be compromised - physically and electronically.



Authentication options

Gain access to the cabinet by badging a card, or entering a PIN, or both. We even integrate with fingerprint readers and other biometric scanners.

Integrate seamlessly: use the same ID cards that your staff already carry 

Biometric security: use fingerprint scanners or facial recognition to protect against PIN sharing

Two identifiers: request two identifiers such as a prox card and a PIN for additional security

Software integration: migrate your users and their card data electronically without the need to manually enter data.

Network and communications

TCP/IP: The cabinet communicates directly over your computer network. The IP address is programmed right on the box without the need for additional and confusing TCP/IP converters.

USB: Unreliable network? Remote locations? No problems! These cabinets have a built-in USB port  just inside the cabinet door. Complete a full upload and download of your data using a thumb drive.  



Customizable alarms

Alarm states that are triggered at the cabinet include: tamper, door forced, mains power out, key forced, key timer expired and more...

Each of these states can be configured to send an automatic email or SMS giving you ultimate peace of mind even if you're offsite.

The cabinet has two in-built relays, which can be expanded to eight. Any alarm triggered at the box can be configured to send a signal to your existing alarm system.

Key panel features

The cabinets are so easy to use, they give you a wealth of information just by looking at the keys.

Multi-coloured LEDs: the status of each position is easily identified through the colour of its LED.

Key alarms: keys that have been out too long, or not returned in time, or that were tampered with generate alarms.

Dual PIN sign out: for your important keys, request that two (or more) users are present to sign it out.

Same user return: enforce this rule of certain keys to ensure the user who takes it can't give it to his friend to return.

Interlock: one key might give access to a radar tower and the other one turns the radar on. Make sure only one key is allowed out at a time.

Max keys: define the amount of keys that each user to have out at any one time.




The cabinet automatically records every transaction with a time and date stamp.

Get up-to-date audit trails from all your cabinets without leaving your office.

Track a user, track groups, track a particular key. Investigate certain timeframes or different locations.

Non-editable Crystal Reports rovide robust evidence of all key and asset movements.

Compatible with the entire C.Q.R.iT® range

C.Q.R.iT® eXtreme runs off of the same KeySecure software as the standard key cabinets and our lockers. Whatever items or keys you need to control, we can help!

This means you have the flexibility to consider the best product for many of your different applications while staying inside the easy-to-use and reliable CQRiT ecosystem. 

Use our key cabinets at various locations on your site - the loading dock, the warehouse and the server room. Without having to introduce new software, install a high-security cabinet in the public areas and be satisfied that they can't be opened without authorization. You can then install lockers to manage staff and personal assets and continue to run only the one software package.