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Benefits of an electronic management system

  • Control access: Ensure that only authorised people can gain access to your premises
  • Central control via software allows global management of multiple sites
  • Ensure OH&S is maintained for contractors entering the property
  • Increase security: Make your building secure for your tenants
  • Cost Saving: Security guards are employed for security, not for handing out keys 
  • Provides flexible solutions and targeted advice
  • Provides user accountability and removes payment disputes on replacement keys
  • Saves you money by reducing wasted time managing and looking for the keys
  • Reduce costs and provide solutions that suit the owner, tenants and managers

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They are very pleased with the installed system especially as it has already led to one member of staff being caught with his hand in the till to the tune of $1,000. They have suspected the theft occurrences hadbeen going on for some time but were unable to identify the culprit with their manual key management process. Last week they were able to check the software report to pinpoint the culprit
— Security Manager, Westfield London
CIC’s key management system is being used for one of our major tenants where key security is of utmost importance. This system is also utilised to issue keys to contractors on site and has proven to be an excellent way of issuing and controlling restricted access keys. In my experience, the CIC key control system is an ideal way to control key monitoring for the building management industry.
— Building Manager, Jones Lang LaSalle


School Principals are now business managers, controlling their own budgets as well as being the boss of everyone, including students, parents, teachers and the community. They are responsible for making sure that the school runs smoothly. This includes the security of the school and they can be called 24/7 regarding matters of school security.

The Problem

  • Contractors, such as cleaners, do not understand the real cost of a lost key
  • Insurance costs to cover you for keys and the excess cost is prohibitive
  • Papertrail is not accurate and often not completed accurately making it an unusable document
  • Time is wasted daily investigating lost keys, reporting and determining who was responsible
  • OH&S issues are a major concern with the new work health laws and licenses must be checked to make sure a qualified person is using a vehicle or forklift
  • Accomadation blocks for students are not managed to ensure the safety of residents. 

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Lock-and-Key Systems: In many cases, a conventional lock-and-key system is still the best option. Many schools readily admit that dozens of keys or more are floating around, lost, stolen or unaccounted for. If many keys have to be accounted for, checked out, and tracked, and this is spiralling out of control, look into a key management system that tightens control, or electronically establishes an audit trail showing who last checked a key out.
— U.S. Department of Education, Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools
The biggest problem is that teachers and school staff don’t understand the value of a key nor do they understand the cost associated with a lost key. It is the norm, rather than the exception, that secondary schools are having to rekey costing anywhere from $25,000 - $30,000. The school must also cover the cost of “lost” expensive equipment such as computers and cars. Schools have a responsibility to secure student and financial information but without control of keys this is also compromised due to poor management and record keeping of keys.
— Crime Prevention Officer

A new way to overcome an old problem

CIC Technology are specialists in electronic key security and asset management complimented by an extensive range of key security systems. Our client base includes high profile education sites assisting clients to get back control of keys and reduce yearly costs associated with rekeying. CIC Technology help in identifying the right key security and asset management solutions to best suit their enviroment. 

How does C.Q.R.iT® work?

Keys are stored and controlled in the electronic key cabinet. Each cabinet is controlled by easy to use software. You decide who has the keys, when and for how long. Your keys are secured in the cabinets using our control keys and special key rings. C.Q.R.iT® allows you to get back control of one very important part of your internal security.

Benefits of Electronic Key Security & Asset Management in Your Premises

Control access to your building and make sure only authorised people can access and lock the school premises. Control of key usages is via software, which reports all daily activities quickly and easily. C.Q.R.iT® is an overnight solution to increasing security of your building and its contents. There is no need to rekey when you use the C.Q.R.iT® key cabinet

Users will finally be accountable for any key usage. You will save money by reducing wasted time managing and looking for the keys and the eventual cost of rekeying. Reducing costs and providing increased security will suit the principle, teachers and the school board. 


Key security issues have become a top priority for most organisations and hospitals are no exception. Security in hospitals is a high priority with staff managing multiple keys that need to be controlled and monitored 24 hours a day. CIC Technology has addressed the unique security needs of health care facilities in hospitals such as Royal Womens and Childrens Hospital and John James Hospital, Canberra.

Management must: control movement of keys, ensure that anyone taking a key is entitled to do so, ensure reports on stock can be done monthly.
— Minimum Standards for Health Care Facilities

The Security Problem

  • Recording on a manual book system was difficult to track staff access to keys
  • Difficulty in securing property, expensive equipment losses and potential narcotic pilfering
  • Stocktake of keys not done in a timely manner
  • Withdrawal of keys from individuals who have ceased employment may occur
  • Cost of lost keys is very expensive

The CIC Solution

  • Limit access to restricted areas of the hospital
  • Increase security around expensive equipment and narcotics
  • Gain control of access to keys
  • Streamline business
  • Eliminate human error
  • Reduce traffic congestion

Our system combines the highest level of software security with state-of-the-art monitoring and competitive pricing.

CIC Technology specialises in electronic key security, so it was only natural to expand our range and develop an electronic key cabinet system that caters for users with a high level of risk and liability, requiring secure and robust hardware with intelligent monitoring software for access control, audit trails and user tracking.


The C.Q.R.iT® Series II are the new generation solution for securing keys and assets. Using the latest technology, they provide an extremely flexible, fully expandable system allowing users to secure and monitor large numbers of keys 24 hours a day at minimal cost. It is ideal for casinos with casual, part time and night workers. C.Q.R.iT® enables you to keep track of your staff, secure cash and stock.


  • Monitor times and locations of personnel (e.g. security or gaming staff)
  • Pit Keys require strict control
  • Housekeeping keys do not leave the premises
  • Limits liability by confirming location, time and the identity of key users 
  • Immediate visual identification of missing keys through the software
  • Controlling poker (slot) machines for repairs and removal of money
  • Monitor cash flow (e.g. cash and chips section)


  • Users can access single or multiple keys depending on the usage 
  • Key access can be decentralised but still controlled centrally
  • Multiple cabinets sizes


  • C.Q.R.iT® Series II is less expensive than other secure key management systems
  • Reduces cost of key and lock replacement – this system pays for itself
  • Minimises the loss of stock 
  • C.Q.R.iT® Series II can be integrated with current access control systems
  • Reduces security breaches and theft by controlling access


  • Personnel have access only to those keys they need
  • C.Q.R.iT® Series II controls which keys users have access
  • Alarms warn of key security breaches or cabinet tampering via desktop, email and/or SMS
  • C.Q.R.iT® Series II provides total security - it can never be persuaded to give up a key
  • Multiple sized cabinets to suit your needs
  • Multiple pin option provides higher security keys


  • The Sands Casino, Macau 
  • Crown PBL Casino Macau
  • Wynn Casino Macau
  • Grand Lisboa Macau
  • Venetian Macau
  • Resorts World Sentosa

“Casinos focus on security. Large amounts of cash flow move through a casino, tempting people to cheat the system. Security today consists of physical security measures that are controlled by administrators to prevent stealing by employees and provide a very tight legal audit trail”

C.Q.R.iT® Series II also complies with Nevada Law that states you must have triple PIN access for electronic key cabinets.