2,700 Children Die Annually from Improper Gun Storage

Gun safety saves lives.

It's not only the parents who's gun safety mistakes can put guns in the hands of unwitting minors, with fatal results. The report Innocents lost explores multiple cases of gun negligence around the home, most often where a weapon had been left loaded and unattended.

The police are also know to occasionally commit fatal gun safety mistakes which cost lives as well. In fact, in recent news, a firearms instructor who was training police officers at a gun range, fatally shot a PA state trooper in the chest by accident.

recent article gives some great guidelines on how to prevent gun-related injuries and fatalities:

Universal background checks:

Before hiring gun instructors or personnel who will be handling guns, make sure to do a thorough background check from competency and a clean criminal record.

Proper gun storage:

“A legally owned gun, if not stored properly and available to someone else in the home, particularly a child, can be a tragedy waiting to happen.” Annually, 2,700 children die from gun-inflicted wounds – 68% of these incidents are directly caused by improper home gun storage.

Prevent this tragedy by using a safe and secure gun storage solution:

CQRiT® gun lockers are state of the art – it's virtually impossible for your children to open them. Our safes are secured by a range of authorization methods from fingerprint scanning to PIN and ID verification, as well as other authorization methods. All access to your ® gun safe is logged so that you'll know exactly who opened the safe and at what time and date.

Do you need to grant access to friends? You can grant permanent or temporary access to users, and have the safe automatically revoke access at a future time. This is perfect, not just for personal gun owners, but for police and security organizations as well. Police departments and security company's can temporarily grant access to temporary officers or security guards without risking future mismanagement of firearms.

If you'd like to learn more about our gun safescontact us today and prevent tragedies from happening!

Locking Key Cabinets vs. Hidden Bent Nails

It's been a great day so far.  You woke up feeling rested, managed to get everything on your check list done in the morning, and are now driving back from a successful business lunch with a prospective client.  It's taken a few years to get your start-up company off the ground, but, due to your hard work and determination, things couldn't be any better.

Pulling into the lot, you step out of your car, and head over to your office.  That's when you notice that someone has smashed in your front window, and unlocked the door.

Nervously pressing your fingers against the wooden barrier, you push open the door.  Sidestepping, in order to avoid the shattered glass, you rush over to the counter.  Sliding your hand along the inside wall of a concealed cabinet, you frantically search for the keys to your vault in the back room.  Finding nothing dangling from the nail that you recently hammered into the wood, you scramble towards the door to your private office.  To your nightmarish surprise, the door swings open to reveal an unlocked, empty safe nestled between the wall and your desk.

Don't let something like this happen to you.  C.Q.R.iT offers a great selection of locking key cabinets that prevent unwanted users from gaining access to your keys.  With a wide array of accessories, including biometric security, software integration, key alarms, and real time reporting, C.Q.R.iT products offer you a lot more than a bent nail in a concealed cabinet.  Don't let someone steal your hard work, and contact us to book a demo today. 

Get the security protection you deserve. 

Security Key Rings: The Other Half to Key Safes

The Secure Key Rings from CIC Technology are the crucial other half to the CQRiT® key safe. The rings are made of a flexible steel braid and are used to attach the CQRiT® holder key to the keys the owner wishes to keep secure. This way, it's much easier to coordinate a group of keys by their purpose, place or however the owner wants to separate and manage his or her keys. Secure Key Rings come in a range of sizes,  4cm (1-10 keys), 5cm (10-15 keys) & 7cm (15-25 keys). Actual number of keys can vary based on the size of the keys being secured.


How Do They Work?

Each key ring has a permanent seal for protection against thieves. Secure key rings are easy to use. The rings come unsealed allowing you to attach your own keys, but once the key ring is closed the seal is very much permanent. This seal is so strong that the only way to remove keys after sealing is to cut the ring resulting in irreperable damage to the key ring itself. The result of any attempts to remove the ring is highly visible.


CIC Technology also offers a Secure Card Holder. The Card Holder clamps over cards like a company credit or an access card  and can then be attached to a Secure Key Ring.  Card Holders come in two different varities; a standard L shaped card holder and a U shaped Holder designed to be used with cards which function with a smart chip. 

If you would like more information on security key rings and card holders, please feel free to flick us an email or click on the button below to contact us.

Electronic key cabinets: Solutions to Departmental Asset Access in Schools

Many schools still have the problem of many keys for departments and specialized assets, like AV equipment, in several hands. Think about what it is like to have many sets of keys to the Drama Department or Athletics Department. To have access keys for the stadium, game gear or auditorium, sound equipment, lighting and electrical boxes out of administration control is a nightmare scenario. Losing even one set of those keys or having them stolen would be an absolute disaster.

Having the ability to control who has the keys for sensitive areas and exactly when they have them is of prime importance. Installing an electronic cabinet to manage keys takes much of that security problem out of the daily equation. Knowing where the keys are, and with whom, from a simple system report gives a level of control that was not available before. The ability to track when those keys are taken and returned assures that the facility is secure.

Personnel can be assigned specific keys that can only be taken from the cabinet after entering a personal code or using a prox card. This protects other departments from unauthorized entry. Denying access means better asset loss prevention. Having knowledge of who had specific access makes it less likely that missing property will not be recovered in a timely manner.

Increased safety, security and loss prevention is a concern for any school administration or board of education. Using positive steps, with available technology, gives assurance that the best possible solution has been applied to the situation. Viable solutions allow administrators to concentrate needed attention directly on other issues.

A secured electronic key cabinet to manage keys is a solution that can be implemented on its own or in conjunction with other electronic systems such as fully compatible student lockers and coded supply storage. CIC Technology can customize a solution to fit your requirements. It's time to add functionality to your security plan, contact us with your inquiries.

Prevent High School Shootings by Safeguarding Your Guns!

Don't let guns into schools

The gun debate is a fierce one with good arguments on both political sides. However, it cannot be debated that there is a significant number of fatalities and injuries resulting from children getting their hands on their parents' guns due to poor gun security. In tragic recent news, a Freshman high school student somehow acquired a 0.40-caliber Beretta and opened fire at a round table in his high school – resulting in the tragic death of one student and the injury of almost a dozen other students.

In other news, in Michigan, all of a man's guns, including the gun locker they were housed in, were stolen from his home. The man only found out when he came home to see that his house's side door had been kicked in.

These two tragedies could have been prevented with C.Q.R.iT's special gun safes and weapon lockers. You'll know exactly when your gun locker is inappropriately accessed – you can choose to have the CQRiT cabinet automatically send a text to your phone, or email you, or sound the traditional loud alarm. All CQRiT cabinets including gun lockers allow you to restrict access via fingerprint authorization, ID card authorization, and various other biometric readers. If you need to allow access to your safe to any group of users – you can simply program temporary authorization for a limited time which will be automatically revoked once the period is over.

Best of all, our safes log each instance of authorized access and unauthorized access attempts. You'll know who accessed your safe at exactly what time and date. If you'd like to learn more, contact us today!

Hospitals and Social Workers Also Need Key Cabinets!

Even social workers and nursing aide associations need keysafes! In the news, two adolescent robbers went into the homes of elderly women by smashing outside safe boxes containing keys to the residence. The safe boxes were meant for the caregivers and had no alarms or sophisticated locks – so brute force was enough to break them open. The robbers then entered the bedroom of these women and stole right under their horrified faces.

C.Q.R.iT offers sophisticated key cabinets which could have fully prevented this disaster. Our key cabinets allow you to add or remove user privileges. So this works great for permanent or temporary social workers. You can simply add temporary employees and automatically schedule their authorization privileges to be removed when their employment ceases.

Also recently in the news, a Maine hospital's nurse stole narcotics from the hospital. All hospital narcotics are kept in a secure cabinet locked with a key. The nurse started stealing in June but was only fired in September. If the key had been secured by one of C.Q.R.iT's key cabinets, then the nurse's thefts could have been caught sooner. Our key cabinets log every instance of access – and so you can determine who took what on the exact time and date.

Our cabinets also utilize silent alerts which notify you of unauthorized access by email or text – and traditional alarms which emit a loud sound. Compared to the potential losses from a robbery – our key cabinets are a fraction of those costs! If you'd like more information on our products, do not hesitate to contact us today!

Even Restaurants Need Keysafes - So Why Not Your Business?

No matter what kind of business you run – having a secure, state-of-the-art keysafe is almost mandatory. If you don't think you need one, consider the August 25, 2014 robbery of the restaurant Amato's.

breaking and entering into a lock box

A former employee of the restaurant had been entrusted with a key to the safe where all of the restaurant's cash is kept. The employee knew where the manager kept the key, so after he was fired, he snuck into the restaurant in January, took the key from its hiding place and stole from the cash safe. Then, just this August, the manager changed the location of where the key is kept. The former employee broke into the manager's office, couldn't find the key, so he destroyed things in the office until he finally found it. He then stole approximately $2,100 from the cash safe.

C.Q.R.iT manufactures fool-proof, innovative keysafes which could prevent this tragedy from happening to your business!

Our safes allow you to add and remove user authorization manually or automatically – thus if you fire an employee, you can just remove his access privileges and never have to worry about your key getting stolen as in the case with the Amato's robbery. Also, our keysafes log every event of authorized access – so you'll know who had your keys at the exact date and time. In the event of unauthorized access our keysafes offer both silent alarms that alert you via text or email – or traditional noise-alarms.

Invest in one of our keysafes to prevent any potential thefts and damages resulting from robberies and misplaced keys. Contact us to learn more about our products.

    Prevent Burglaries - Try One of Our Lock boxes Today!

    If you don't have a sophisticated key lockbox for your company yet, you should consider getting one before it's too late to reverse potential damages. A recent police report reveals that thieves used a rudimentary screwdriver to pry open a lockbox which contained the house keys to residences. The thieves then used the keys to enter a residence and stole various belongings amounting to thousands of dollars.

    In another police report, a realtor reported that “...a vacant home [was burglarized] using a key removed from the lockbox attached to the front door, then removed a small amount of copper plumbing pipe, valued between $600 to $700.” Keep in mind that these lock boxes are put into place by the real estate agency and that only other realtors can open these lockboxes.

    C.Q.R.iT's lock boxes, also known as key safes can prevent the above tragedies from happening. Our innovative key safeboxes log each and every instance of authorized access – so you'll know exactly who opened the lockbox and the exact access date and time. Our lockboxes certainly won't be forced open by a mere screwdriver.

    Worse, in recent news, a bike shop owner kept his lockbox on an outside bike rack. When burglars stole bikes off of the rack – then took the rack itself. The lockbox contained the keys to everywhere in his shop. The owner stated that changing all the locks in his shop cost him $2,000. If this owner had one of our key safes, he would have been alerted the moment the burglars tried to access it. In an event of unauthorized entry, our lockboxes can emit an alarm, or give you silent alerts via SMS or email.

    If you'd like to learn more about our lockboxes and other key and asset storage products, please contact us today.

    Lock boxes Are Imperative in The Real Estate Business!

    If you think your business doesn't have a need for a key lock box, you might want to really consider all the potential liabilities that may result from the misplacement of any of the keys your business houses. A recent news article details the testimony of a realtor who has been a realtor since 1992. He testifies that the importance of lockboxes were unknown then so “When an agent had to show homes, there were no lockboxes on occupied homes. An agent would have first have to obtain the key to the property by going to the listing company...” and would have to return it when he's done.

    In other news, The Macomb Daily brings to awareness the dangers of being a real estate agent. It reveals that real estate agent murders and other related crimes are on the rise. The article gives a few tips on how to prevent these crimes, one of which is to identify unknown agents by having them open the lock box outside your house which contains your house key.

    C.Q.R.iT offers innovative and sophisticated lock boxes for your realtors! Never have to worry about liabilities arising from misplaced client's keys – our lockboxes are fool-proof. Our key lock boxes log every instance of access so you can pinpoint who had whose key to the exact date and time. You can grant access to your lockbox on a temporary basis – auotmatically scheduling when a user is authorized and then his access removed. If your lock box is ever compromised you will get an alert via email, text, or the traditional sound alert.

    Don't deal with having to call other agents for your client's keys or making your agents drive unnecessary distances just to procure keys! If you purchase one of our lockboxes, your realtor efficiency will rise significantly. Contact us today to learn more about our locker systems!

    Prevent Unauthorized Access to Keys & Prevent Workplace Fatalities

    If you're trying to weigh the options for how to deal with your building residents who have lost their keys after hours – you should consider a custom key lockbox. In recent news, a Florida's condominium's board of directors shot down a proposal involving the implementation of a lockbox which would contain spare keys to the units. The residents would be the only ones with access to this lockbox via a special combination – the board shot down the proposal due to safety issues.

    C.Q.R.iT's innovative lockboxes would've solved the board's dilemma. We offer secure lockboxes that allow only authorized users to access to their keys. The time and date that the user accesses the lockbox is logged, and the manager can remove or add authorized users at any time – even schedule granting and removing access privileges automatically. This works perfectly for residents and maintenance workers. Our lockboxes also alert you via physical sound, text, or email when unauthorized access is attempted.

    Our lockboxes can also help to significantly reduce workplace accidents in the food industry. About 46 people died in one year while working in food manufacturing and processing plants. Starbucks uses a lockbox to store keys that control “...a locking device placed on trailers' air lines” in their roasting plant. With our extra secure lockboxes, there is a significant minimization of risk of the key controlling such a hazardous device being used inappropriately to control the device.

    We are a very innovative company specializing in protecting your valuable assets. If you'd like to learn more about our key cabinets and other secure products, please contact us!

    KeySecure Software

    C.Q.R.iT key safes and lockers use the most cutting edge technology, especially when it comes to securing property. C.Q.R.iT units make use of RFID technology, accessories for electronics and tamper-proof features. C.Q.R.iT storage units are highly versatile and will fit any home, office, school, hospital, hotel, file room or storage area. KeySecure software, the brains behind the C.Q.R.iT ensures that these versatile units are organized with only authorized personnel being able to access the contents within a unit.

    Key Safes

    KeySecure manages access to allow workers at companies or enterprises to secure keys amongst themselves. Keep in mind, the oversight of keys can expand beyond doors in buildings or offices and can be useful in establishments such as car dealerships, car rental shops, and impound lots. KeySecure can be responsible for the keys to cars in a dealership lot to expensive vehicles in a limousine service and will not fail. Meaning KeySecure will prevent thieves from stealing keys to vehicles and can alert owners to a possible theft through the use of RFID tracking.


    School and personal lockers work just as well for the KeySecure system. Books, school supplies and personal possessions can also be safe and accounted.  KeySecure can tell if there something in the locker or the last time the locker was accessed. Both the C.Q.R.iT deposit and asset lockers use this software to safely manage contents.

    Cabinets and Safes for Valuables

    Even a home setting will welcome KeySecure with any of the storage units. The software can prevent intrusion from a home invader or someone stumbling into the wrong side of the house. The system is easy to use yet secure enough to guarantee no mishaps if there are children in the home. For added peace-of-mind among gun owners, anyone can mount a C.Q.R.iT locker on the wall to better protect family. It's just like having a safety deposit box in the home.

    Remember, all of these software features also apply to C.Q.R.iT eXtreme devices. All safes and lockers can be secured with a fingerprint or a prox card to help with extra protection. KeySecure works for younger and older users and can easily be taught to those who are unfamiliar with the system. For more information on usage of KeySecure software, please contact us.

    School Lockers Focus on Security

    As the educational front continues to align with technical advancements, more and more students are coming to school with expensive learning components. It is not uncommon to see today's students come to school with expensive tablets, laptops, and smart phones. As school's have altered their instruction to incorporate technical advancements, their storage components such as school lockers have not changed much to ensure the safety of a student's technological components. It's one thing to have a textbook or paperback novel stolen from one's locker; but to have an expensive Kindle or laptop taken from one's possession is an entirely different matter. 

    school lockers

    With this new frontier of school's and their students using expensive technical equipment, it's time for student lockers to meet new safety measures to secure today's students property. With advancements in RFID tagging technology, it's much easier for the integration of this technology into a student locker system. With this form of technology in place, a student's locker can have restrictive access by use of a secure PIN or magnetic card. 

    As shown, the benefits of such a system are obvious. While it's very easy for someone to obtain a student's locker combination, it's more difficult to steal a secure PIN or personalized card. Outside of an outsider stealing someone's card or decrypting another's PIN, student's can feel more at ease with storing their expensive components within their school locker. 

    Along with the improved security measures, technically advanced school lockers also offer other positive implications. Hi-tech school lockers also have the ability to be embedded with charging stations, so that a student may charge their components while they are stored within their locker.

    Finally, an often overlooked positive attribute to this form of school locker system is one of responsibility. When a student uses and is in control of such a system, they are cognizant that they are using and caring for components of great value. With this realization, a student will be more protective of not only their expensive property, but also with the privacy of their personal information.

    Overall, it makes perfect sense for school systems to move to a more intelligent way for students to care for their belongings. The key deterrent, as with anything in education, is cost. If school systems can manage a way to allocate funds to allot for the implementation of high technological locker systems, it can be beneficial for all involved. For more information on technically advanced storage solutions, please contact us here at CQRiT. We'd love to hear from you!

    Key Protection is a Crucial Part of Fleet Management

    Any enterprise that owns a fleet of company vehicles should exercise utmost caution where their keys are concerned. Key protection is an imperative component of fleet management. Unauthorised access to car, van and trucks keys can lead to liability and loss. Good thing CIC Technology offers a number of secure devices with which to protect keys and other portable items.

    Integrate a CIC C.Q.R.iT® key cabinet with KeySecure® software into your fleet management system, and your all-important vehicle keys will be accounted for at all times. Electronic key management allows you to know where your keys are and who has them 24 hours a day.

    C.Q.R.iT® key cabinets can be customised to suit your requirements. Modular design means you can have the security components you need and none of the features you don't want. If you wish, you can be notified online, via e-mail, or by SMS message every time a vehicle key is checked out or returned.

    Manual sign-out sheets are known to be time-consuming and inaccurate. Your C.Q.R.iT® cabinet, when used with KeySecure® software provides accurate accountability, fleet key security and peace of mind. No longer will you wonder who has the keys to a fleet vehicle.

    The KeySecure software that manages your key cabinet can be programmed to identify authorised key users. Staff members, employees and authorised contractors simply log into the cabinet by way of a personally identifying number, prox card or fingerprint. Biometric facial recognition may be included, as well. When a user opens the key cabinet, they may remove only the key or keys for which they are authorised. All other keys remain locked securely in place.

    C.Q.R.iT® key cabinets are available in standard sizes to hold 12, 25, 50 or 100 keys. Tamper-proof key rings may be color-coded for ease of use.

    When you're ready to know more about how CIC can facilitate your fleet management program, contact us without delay.


    CQRiT® - Electronic Security Made Easy For Your Business Or School

    Electronic security is ideal for a variety of locations.  It can be used in business or school locker rooms, for patients' belongings in a hospital, and public cloakrooms - such as in a museum or zoo.  CIC Technology can supply you with a complete electronic security system, including an electronic cabinet to manage important keys.

    Our electronic lockers can be custom sized to fit your needs. We can set you up with either an asset locker or a deposit locker.  Both electronic lockers are compatible with CQRiT®, come with Authentication options, and have RFID Tracking.  RFID Tracking allows you to keep track of the contents of your lockers at any given time.

    Our electronic lockers utilize KeySecure software, enabling control over the contents inside the lockers.  KeySecure enables you to keep track of every transaction done by automatically recording them for you. There are numerous features automatically programmed in the KeySecure software. A few of them are alarms, timers, flexible allocation, interface, and dual PIN sign out.

    All of our electronic lockers are enabled with bio, card or pin access.  Our keyrings are permanent and secure.  Two of the features of our keyrings are that they all have a unique serial number, and that they come in either a flexible or solid style.  Another option with the C.Q.R.iT®  lockers is that people may charge their personal items such as IPads or phones while they are in the locker.

    CQRiT® electronic lockers and keysafes are the smart, efficient way to keep both your business and personal items safe and secure. Please contact us for more information or request a demo.

    Protect Your Students! Protect Your Keys With An Electronic Key Safe

    If you are in charge of a college's residence halls, you're sure to have hired students as Resident Assistants, and other trust positions. At one time or another, you've given your master keys to the dormitories to your Resident Assistants and various maintenance staff in order to conduct service requests and routine inspections or move-ins/check-outs. Believe it or not, without proper security procedures, this is very dangerous and potentially costly for the college.

    Recent news from The State University of New York at Stony Brook reveals that over $30,000 was stolen from students' dormitories during the interval a bit before, during, and a bit after spring break. Students boast on their newsletter of having copies of the master key – the university decided to change all the dormitory locks.

    A similar incident is reported by Eastern Michigan University, in which the residence hall director lent the master keys to an outsourced maintenance staff. The maintenance worker left a cart unattended with the master keys on it and someone stole the keys which forced the university to change all 228 of its dormitory locks.

    However, sometimes, the theft of dormitory master keys can happen right in front of your resident assistant's eyes! This is the case as reported by Sacramento State University. The master keys were left on the front desk of the resident hall and someone merely took it. The university also had to change all its dormitory locks.

    Despite the overwhelming costs of changing dormitory locks every time a mastery key is illegally copied or stolen – a stolen master key can lead to residential crimes which could extend beyond simple theft. What can you do to prevent your residence hall's master keys from being stolen? C.Q.R.iT has the answer.

    We offer innovative electronic key lockers and safes  which can securely store your master keys! Everytime the electronic key safe is accessed, the event is logged. Access can be granted to authorized users via key-card, PIN, facial or fingerprint recognition! You can also remove and add authorized users easily – or even schedule a future removal of authorized users (thus you can authorize outsourced staff and schedule removal of authorization once the day is over, allowing you to be free and not having to manually remove authorization after his job is done). If you'd like to learn more contact us today or request a demo!