The smart way to manage keys and portable items

Store and manage your valuables

Restrict who can access what

Automate your record keeping


Secure and organize your keys and portable items


Organize your keys into tamper proof bunches, color code them if you like, and store them safely in one of our C.Q.R.iT® key cabinets. 

CQRiT key locker image

C.Q.R.iT® lockers are available in custom sizes to secure any valuable item. They can even be fitted with cables to charge your electronic devices.

C.Q.R.iT item locker image

Control exactly who can access what, when and for how long


Every staff member or contractor can be granted or denied access to any of your items at the click of a button.

image showing staff members who have access to different keys and items
image showing staff members who have access to different keys and items

Maintain 100% accountability across all cabinets


Every transaction is logged and recorded against a particular user, giving you access to real-time reports without leaving your office.

image CQRiT transaction report

Both the cabinet and the software provide a range of customizable alarms meaning you can respond to breaches immediately. 

image showing C.Q.R.iT alarms

All alarm states can be configured to send automatic emails or SMSs, keeping you up-to-date even when you're offsite.

image showing SMS notifications

At CIC Technology, we do three things really well...

The box

Strong hardware

CIC Technology designs
and manufactures
striking and functional
hardware to keep
your keys and
valuable items
safe and secure.

The brains

Clever software

The KeySecure®
software allows you
to control exactly 
who has access to
which keys and items. 
It also provides
instant reporting on
all usage.

The people

Unrivaled service

With a network of
customer service
professionals around the
world, we provide
the highest levels
of service to make
sure you get the
most out of your